The name Theater 7 comes from the seven principles by which the company stands:

DIVERSITY - Theater 7 is committed to racial diversity throughout its organization and audiences, welcoming all forms of diversity as well, including but not limited to, national and cultural heritage, religion, age, disability, as well as sexual orientation and gender identity.

COMMITMENT TO NEW WORK -  including: New plays, poems, devised works, one-person shows, as well as public readings and workshops of new works in preparing and developing them for full production, and a slot reserved in each season for at least one audience-ready new work by a theater artist with present or past Wabash Valley roots.

TYPES OF CONTENT - Whether serious, humorous or both, we present works that:
  1. Speak truthfully from the heart, mind and imagination of our theatrical artists to the heart, mind and imagination of our audiences, seeking true exchange between them;
  2. Investigate the complexities of the human condition;
  3. Provide insights into creating a more fair and just society and show, directly or indirectly, how individuals can lead more purposeful, empathetic, fulfilling lives;
  4. Explore many different views of life’s ultimate meaning and purpose;
  5. Challenge everyone in the theater – the artists making the art and the audience receiving the art -- to reexamine old assumptions and encourage broader and deeper thinking and feeling about fundamental life issues;
  6. Uplift the human spirit by presenting life-affirming characters and stories; and/or
  7. Entertain by creating inclusive fun and joy while enlightening and inspiring.

Each season create at least one highly accessible, touring show that entertains while elevating the spirit and affirming our common humanity, offered with no charge to audiences in schools and other institutions, under represented communities, and/or parks.

PROFESSIONAL THEATER -  Pay those making theater, in whatever capacity, what the theater can afford to pay after meeting expenses and sustaining its daily operations; In addition, we will set aside a dollar from every ticket sold to go toward charity.

SIMPLIFIED STAGES -  Sets, costumes, lights and all other design elements will be kept simple but evocative and impactful, to focus primary attention on the characters, text and subtext and support the essence and spirit of the play as interpreted through the director’s vision.

  1. Exceptional talent, ability and versatility in one’s own theater specialization;
  2. Commitment to highest standards for one’s self and our theater, which includes upholding an exceptional work ethic and always remaining open to feedback and  continued training for improving oneself as a theater artist or technician;
  3. Desire to expand and apply theater skills beyond one’s specialization;
  4. Commitment to an egalitarian ensemble spirit where there are no “stars” and all core members, who are able and available, help where needed (especially with pre-show load-ins and tours, post-show strikes, and ushering); and
  5. Willingness to do chores and apply non-theater skills so rehearsals and performances can operate, through wide company participation, smoothly, safely and efficiently.