Friends of Theater 7 was co-founded by Bill and Judy Brett in August 2016. Friends of Theater 7, through gift- and fund-raising efforts, support the mission and the 7 key principles of Theater 7.

Members strive to provide crucial financial support to the continued growth and development of this inclusive visionary theater.

Friends of Theater 7 believe in the investment of many kinds of art treasures as an extension of the greater Wabash Valley community. They encourage corporations, businesses and individuals to join Friends of Theater 7, helping to create unique forms of understanding and communication as embodied in the Principles and Mission.

A gift in any amount will enroll you as a Friend of Theater 7. By completing the gift form and giving us your contact information, we will acknowledge your generosity and keep you informed of upcoming events.

Click here to become a Friend of Theater 7. [Download 990kb pdf]