Theater 7’s First Light Series serves as a platform for the development of new work and emerging artists in the Wabash Valley theater community.

Summary of the play:  Set in the misty, hot, and groovy Sweet N’ Lo Juke Joint, HOOKED follows the journey of talented yet tormented characters of Lu Lu, Leslie, and Dustin.  Conducted by the sly, charming, and grandiose Sweetness, its evident that this expose intended for sensuality and warmth reveals something much more disturbing.  While uncovering each characters battle with addiction through poetry, rap, and song, HOOKED shifts the focus of addiction to its origin, its story, and its psychological impact on each character.  Song after song, empathy for the characters sets in, challenging the viewer’s notion of what it means to be hooked.

Bryant Clayton Playwright bio: Born and raised in Indianapolis, Bryant Clayton Jr., an Indiana State University alumnus, relishes the opportunity to synthesize his love for music, African American culture, and poetry into his theatrical work. Through his time at Indiana State University, he developed a fondness and passion for theatre, crediting much of his early training as a playwright to Arthur Feinsod and ISU’s theatre department. In 2016, Bryant set the poetry of 10 middle school students to rhythm and song in “HERE IN THE UNIVERSE”, a service piece which explores the feelings of belonging, not belonging, and finding ones place in the universe as an individual. Clayton strives as a creator to bring realism and honesty to the stage, exploring ideas which are accessible and impactful for all.

Opening Performance
Terre Haute Brewing Company - March 15, 2018