Indiana Staesman Online September 20, 2017
Kiara Dowell Reporter

“Withdrawn” by Tim Dick will be opening on Sept. 21 at Theatre 7.

This is an installment of their First Light Series in the Velvet Room at the Terre Haute Brewing Company. “Withdrawn” was written by a graduate student at Indiana State University and will promptly begin at 6 p.m.

The one-act show is about a person named Billy, who is suffering from a heroin addiction. Theatre 7 will be touring the show to local rehabilitation centers to promote addiction awareness.

“It’s a very borderline abstract piece about a character named Billy who is trying to kick his addiction to heroin; his addiction is portrayed as the character Id, who prods Billy and mocks him throughout to get him to do heroin,” said director Caleb Clark. “It is very in-your-face and aggressive, and my kind of style.”

“Withdrawn” features Riley Leonard, who is a theatre major at ISU. He plays the character of Billy. This show was physically intense, and in order to get the ball rolling, Clark had to change things up a bit.

“The process was a little different than normal,” Clark said. “Normally I would take a lot more time to focus on character and beats and things like that, but for a few reasons, one being that the rehearsal process is condensed this time around and two, a lot of the characters’ actions and motivation are based on movement, so we had to get to blocking right away.”

Tickets are on sale for students. For students, it is four dollars to get in with student ID. General admission is seven dollars per person.

“To be able to be a part of something that provides opportunities to emerging artists is a feeling that can’t really be described,” said senior Maverick Schmit. “It’s an honor, and I’m so happy to see this in our community.”

Those who are involved with “Withdrawn” are excited for its opening night.

“I’m beyond excited for so many reasons,” said Schmit. “First off, not only has FLS been a project approximately a year and a half in the making, but I’ve also been around for many of the iterations of “Withdrawn,” and to be able to see it come to fruition is immensely rewarding.”

Theatre 7 has made its way into something great. They have put on productions and intend to grow and provide upcoming directors, actors and playwrights the opportunity to showcase their skills and passion for theatre.

“Theater 7 has certainly had an interesting journey through its formation, and I’m happy that Terre Haute has this in the area,” said Schmit. “Starting a new company is an extraordinary and hands-on assignment, but there are core values installed that are worth fighting for and getting behind. Right now people are coming together to create theatre with heart and passion, and in many ways, that’s how it’s supposed to be - a group coming together to make something special and important because they believe in it. That’s special.”

Theatre 7 also has new another show coming out next month called “Particular Disposition.”

“We’ve been blessed with the opportunity to field some truly fascinating work,” said Schmit. “Not only do we have “Withdrawn,” but also we are following it up next month with Benjamin Fulk’s “Particular Disposition,” which centers around Britain’s last hanging for sodomy. It’s an exciting and deeply moving piece that’s as timely as they come. We couldn’t be more thrilled to let that see the light of day.”