withdrawn posterWITHDRAWN
Opening Performance
Terre Haute Brewing Company - September 21, 2017


Summary of the play:  "This is a play about addiction, the process of getting clean, and how the struggle of getting clean can overtake and control one’s life. As someone who has struggled with addiction as a teenager and into my adulthood, I know how difficult it can be to quit something that inflicts truly devastating withdrawals. This play is based on the combined experiences of several dear, plagued friends and my own struggles with substance abuse. I took what I witnessed and attempted to project it on the stage. The intention behind this play is to pull viewers through the experience and expose the thought process of an addict. It is my hope that this exposure will lead the audience to begin sympathizing with those suffering from addiction - rather than perpetuate the alienation that so many already deal with. It is my belief that many people who are addicted don't seek help due to the stigma associated with addiction, and I want to do all I can to help dissipate that stigma."



Tim Dick TIM DICK (Playwright):
Tim Dick is an alumnus from Indiana State University originally hailing from Indianapolis, Indiana. Following his graduation he traveled to the San Francisco bay area to work with Mojo Theatre and Ragged Wing Ensemble before returning to Terre Haute to work with Crossroads Repertory Theatre. Tim currently resides in Bellport, New York where he is working at the Gateway Theatre. Coming from a low-income family, most of his writing deals with subjects and themes that primarily affect the lower class as well as absurdist observations of societal constructs. His mission in life is to help those that struggle with the same issues that he's witnessed and experienced in his twenty-five years and empower those that society has sidelined.



caleb clark

CALEB CLARK (Director):
Caleb Clark is a senior at Indiana State University where he is concentrating in playwriting and directing. Caleb loves telling stories that explore the darker side of humanity, as evidenced in Withdrawn. He also has a unique interest in theater technology, with a particular emphasis on sound and projection design, and is fascinated by its impact on live theatre. Caleb has directed nearly a dozen student shows over the course of his collegiate career and is excited for his first professional production.



Mac.WrightMAC WRIGHT (Id):
Mac Wright is a graduate of Ball State University where he received a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Acting. He is a professional actor with a particular interest in voice acting. This is his first professional production and is beyond thrilled to start his career playing a character who is as bombastic as Id. His previous roles include Gaston from Beauty and the Beast, Kulygin from Three Sisters, Balthazar in Romeo and Juliet, Sam/Mr. Burns in Mr. Burns: a Post-Electric Play, and will next appear as Tupolski in Khaos Company Theatre’s production of The Pillowman.




Riley Leonard is a theatre major at Indiana State University and hails from Columbus, IN. While at ISU Riley has studied acting, directing, playwriting, stage management, and has appeared in such plays as Richard III, The Claire Play, Levelling Up, The Swift Project, Hers is the Head of a Wolf, and the upcoming fall production of Tennessee Williams’ A Streetcar Named Desire. This is Riley’s first professional appearance and he is excited to be working with Theater 7




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